Facility Overview

From large focus groups to in-depth interviews, we can provide customized facility layouts to meet your unique needs.

Standard Focus Group
  • Seats 8-12 respondents
  • Ideal for large focus groups
Focus Group Modular
  • Seats 2-7 respondents
  • Modular table for varying number of participants
Living Room
  • Comfortably seats 2-6 participants
  • Promotes a relaxing environment for discussion
  • Designed for classrooms, lectures, jury selection
  • Discussion groups of 14 or more

Facility Highlights

  • 15 miles from Providence
  • Google Glass
  • Focus Groups
  • Dispute Resolution/Mock Jury Trials
  • Ideation Sessions
  • Intercept Interviews
  • Web Surveys: By state or city and town. (These surveys provide critical data for organizations such as political campaigns.)



  • Deliberately designed for classrooms, lectures or jury selection
  • Accommodates discussion groups of 14 or more individuals


New England Opinion offers a variety of leading, innovative and state-of-the-art resources for your market research project.


  • State of the Art High Definition Digital Video and Audio Recording with multiple camera angles and formats.
  • Optional Video streaming provided by Streamline Universal for clients unable to attend sessions
  • Direct internet access and flat panel monitor
  • Google Glass technology
  • Usability Lab with Morae® technology records keystrokes and analyzes web use

New England Opinion offers these additional services to support your market research project.

  • Web Surveys
  • Ethnographic Studies
  • Recruiting Services
  • Mock Juries
  • Online Bulletin Boards
  • Teleconference Groups
  • Intercept Interviews
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Mystery Shopping